New Arrivals! The 2022 Calendars are here!

Beautiful and Interesting 14-month Calendars for 2022 from CalendarGalPress!

Welcome to Calendar Gal Press! The 2022 Calendars are now coming out! Each of the images below is a direct link to a series of calendars currently listed on These are 14-month calendars, beginning in November 2021 and going to the end of 2022.

Note that these calendars are different! They are NOT wall calendars, but desk calendars. They are created in portrait orientation so that the photos show to their best advantage! In addition, they don’t have those scratchy spirals that plague so many people, AND they are in full color.

The calendar season is just now starting, so there will be many more to come. For instance, we have a very interesting Vintage Military Aircraft calendar in the works.

Just click on any image that interests you and you will be taken to our detail page on